RBT Club Show 2023 Critiques

The custodians of this breed have work very hard to keep them in good health and safe, I wish them continued success. In the early days I was invited to carry out Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze tests at fun days and the first show where the distinguished Mr Terry Thorne officiated. My thanks for your generous hospitality. Judge Janet Kay

Puppy Dog (entries 2)
1. Bull "Evrussky Black Warrior
 For 7 months he has a good frame with plenty of growing left to do. Decent width of skull at this stage and time to finished. Ample fill to chest with depth, ribs reaching back, strong muscular short loin developing well. Sound angulated to hind legs and short hocks. On the move for his size and age he was positive and straight BP and RBD.

Junior Dog (entries 1)
 1. Kerrigan "Shadlian Good Gracious Broad skull with medium stop and ample muzzle. Length of neck and developing strong muscles. Firm level topline and sufficient depth of ribs, high set tail held on the move at a steady pace.

Limit Dog (entries 1)
1. Clelford "Keng Forein Blek Berkut" Handsome size masculine dog with plenty fill to chest, good bone throughout. Ribs were of generous depth and well sprung short loin. Tail was not quite high enough for me he moved OK. His coat was in super condition and trim, ideal for some of todays weather conditions. 

Open Dog (entries 3)
1. Rigby "Ya Namaste Tara’s Sarja for Omiant (imp Deu) Int, Lux, Aut J Ch" Large imposing male that ticked all the boxes for me. Correct head and bone structure finished with a large black nose. Strong powerful neck into well laid shoulders level muscular topline. He stood four square giving a strong imposing silhouette on the move he was sound and powerful without effort there was no hesitation in awarding him BOB.  
2. Blair "
Blasius Beauty Anatolij Cjw11 (Imp Hun)" Well shaped male with plenty of bone to develop. Flat skull and rounded cheekbones giving the typical strong masculine head. He needs a little more time to fill his chest and spring his ribs level topline finished with a high set tail which he carried over his back. 

Good Citizen Dog Scheme 
1. Clelford "Keng Forein Blek Berkut" (Winner of Limit Dog) 

Puppy Bitch (entries 2)
1. Rigby "Zoja Black Legion for Omiant (Imp Pol)
 At just 6months she is full of promise although very raw. Beautiful feminine head and excellent scissor bite. Nicely laid shoulders with well angulated fore legs. Great bone to build on and time to develop into an impressive adult. She was a little excited on the move. BP 

Limit Bitch (entries 5)
1. Newton "Lintweed Black Bertha” A mature girl pleasing head and expression from almost black eyes which were oval in shape. Flat skull and enough length of muzzle and scissor bite. Trimmed with experience of the breed, with full leg and body furnishings. She drove around the ring with confidence covering the ground with ease. BB BOS 

Open Bitch (entries 11)
1. Newton "Zoznoba Nadezhdinoi Poljany at Lintweed (imp Rus)" Possibly at the lower end of height but all in proportion and balanced. Appealing feminine head with enough stop and oval shaped dark eyes with soft confident expression. Well filled chest and good spring of ribs that reached well back. Short muscular loin hind was well angulated and muscular. She moved with a powerful driving action which won her the class. 

2. O’Donnell "Kalaslane Revenge for Neukiebear" Slightly bigger bitch and square in shape. Not the chest of winner but looked very well in profile strong topline and ample depth of ribs enough tuck up to muscular loin to well set tail. 

Good Citizen Dog Scheme (entries 1)
1. Newton "Lintweed Black Beryl" A mature girl who has seen it all before. Typical head with flat skull good scissor bite length of muscular neck and firm topline well sprung ribs with deep capacious chest. A little straight in stifle, her feet were large and round as she moved at a steady pace.

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